Hi, Cait here.

I have been making photographs for more than ten years now. I have an innate interest in making images that preserve the narrative of your life. I am most mesmerized by the small acts of love, even if gritted through, that build a life, a family. 

Between two photos of the same moment, I’m drawn to the imperfect one. The one that shows more nuance of personality, an honest mark of life’s challenge, a quirk that might be hidden in a perfectly posed photo. I believe these are the things we will actually want to remember. A photo that your adult child will one day pick up & learn something of your mothering, something of your fathering or sistering or brothering. 

I think the most important thing I can do with my camera is to reflect back to you the story of your life & leave behind the artifacts to prove you lived it. It’s the gift that I will give my own children - a rich & abounding loot of visible evidence that they were so deeply loved.